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Jan. 7, 1998
Chart Watch: Puff Daddy, Matchbox 20 On The Rebound

Jan. 14, 1998
Chart Watch: Dylan, Radiohead On Comeback Trail

Jan. 20, 1998
Hieroglyphics Crew Returns To Form With New Album

Jan. 21, 1998
Chart Watch: Unsinkable Titanic Cruises Past The Lox

Jan. 23, 1998
Live: Fugee Wyclef Jean Gets Funky On Stage

Jan 28. 1998
Chart Watch: Spice Girls Power Back Into Top Five

Feb. 2, 1998
Dr. Octagon A.K.A. Dr. Octo A.K.A. Kool Keith Rocks The House

Feb. 4, 1998
Fan Website Kept Hieroglyphics Crew Alive
Chart Watch: #1 Titanic Ready To Yield To No One

Feb. 11, 1998
Chart Watch: Pearl Jam's Yield Rockets To #2

Feb. 13, 1998
Live: Primus Spark Meltdown At Sno-Core Tour

Feb. 18, 1998
Chart Watch: Pearl Jam and The Verve Strike Gold

Feb. 23, 1998
Marilyn Manson Presses Flesh At Book Signing
Chart Watch: Ani DiFranco's Little Plastic Castle Debuts Big

Mar. 4, 1998
R&B Singer Davina Flirts With Hip-Hop On New LP
Chart Watch: Dylan Leads Post-Grammy Resurgence

Mar. 13, 1998
Asst. Principal Defends Korn T-Shirt Suspension

Mar. 17, 1998
Crystal Method's Sound-And-Light Assault
School Board Debates Korn T-Shirt Suspension

Mar. 18, 1998
Madonna, Clapton Line Up Behind Titanic

Mar. 20, 1998
Hieroglyphics Come Back Together In Concert

Mar. 24, 1998
Students Move To Resolve Korn T-Shirt Debate

Mar. 25, 1998
Van Halen's III Lands At #4

Mar. 26, 1998
Ex-Prince Summons Chaka Khan For Late Show

Mar. 30, 1998
High-School Students Propose Music T-Shirt Ban

April 1, 1998
Cappadonna Swarms Into #3 Slot

April 2, 1998
Ska Against Racism Tour Highlights Ska's Roots

April 6, 1998
Punk 'Zine Publisher Tim Yohannan Dead At 52

April 8, 1998
All-Star Tribute To 2Pac In Works
Gang Starr Rises From Rap Underground To #6

April 14, 1998
Latin-Styled Hip-Hop Helps Develop Delinquent Habits

April 15
Daz Dillinger Living Large On Death Row
Master P Soundtrack Cruises To #3

April 17, 1998
Pete Rock Rolls Back To Hip-Hop's Past

April 18, 1998
Public Enemy Hook Into '98 Smokin' Grooves

April 20, 1998
Pumpkins, Fastball Set For H.O.R.D.E. Tour

April 23, 1998
LL Cool J And Canibus In War Of The Words

April 24, 1998
Witchdoctor Blends Voodoo Spirituality With Hard-Core Rap

April 27, 1998
Insane Clown Posse Rapper Hospitalized For Panic Attacks

May 1, 1998
Second School Axes Indigo Girls Gig

May 4, 1998
Indigo Girls Put Aside Free Tickets For Students

May 5, 1998
Sylk-E. Fyne Takes Stab At Bard's 'Romeo and Juliet'
High School's Proposed Music T-Shirt Ban On Hold
Public Enemy Deny Joining Smokin' Grooves

May 6, 1998
Chart Watch: Dave Matthews Proves To Be Titanic's Iceberg
Indigo Girls Show Axed By Third High-School Principal

May 7, 1998
Principals Suspend 13 Students After Indigo Girls Protests

May 8, 1998
Jay-Z Film Focuses On His Rise In Rap World

May 11, 1998
Public Enemy Changing Tune Over Smokin' Grooves

May 12, 1998
ACLU Defends Suspended Pro-Indigo Girls High-Schoolers
May 13, 1998
Chart Watch: Tori Amos' Choirgirl Hits Charts At #5
Court Denies Indigo Girls Protesters' Back-To-Class Injunction

May 17, 1998
No Limit Rapper Fiend Gets Serious On Debut

May 18, 1998
Public Enemy Lead Smokin' Grooves On Summer Tour

May 19, 1998
Hanson Summer Tour Causes Teeny-MMMBop Ticket Rush

May 20, 1998
Goodie Mob And The Roots Rap As Hard As A Rock
Labelmates Guest on Master P's Swan Song LP
Chart Watch: Garbage's Version 2.0 Dumps In At #13

May 22, 1998
No Limit To Sons Of Funk's Raunchy R&B

May 27, 1998
Big Punisher Busts Up Rap Stereotypes
Rapper DMX And City Of Angels Top The Albums Chart
May 28, 1998
Wyclef Jean Track Is 'Retaliation' For LL Cool J Insult
Eight Shot After 'I Got The Hook-Up!' Screening

June 2, 1998
Rufus Blaq's Credentials Touches All Rap's Bases
Marvaless Cultivates Pot-Smoker's Anthem
Jeff Buckley Fans Send SKETCHES Into The Top 100

June 4, 1998
Eightball Behind Smash Lost Album

June 5, 1998
Lineup Announced For Tupac Shakur Festival
Big Punisher Ordered By Doctor To Rest

June 10, 1998
Devin's The Dude Packed With Raunchy Hip-Hop Humor
Master P Carves Out #1 Spot Above Pumpkins

June 11, 1998
Jermaine Dupri Sets Sail For New Musical Territories

June 12, 2001
Canibus and Wyclef Go Online About Feud With LL Cool J
Genesis P-Orridge Wins $1.5 Million Suit Against Rick Rubin

June 16, 1998
Top Dog DMX Having His Day
Ice Cube Gives New Line First Look At Future Films

June 17, 1998
Master P's Da Last Don Da #1 LP

June 18, 1998
Jesus And Mary Chain Get Down To Munki Business
DMX's Sexually Violent Lyrics Turn Ironic

June 19, 1998
Hip-Hoppers Storming The Silver Screen

June 22, 1998
MC Ren Gets Ruthless On New Solo Album
Kurupt Gives Taste Of Kuruption At Promo Barbecue

June 24. 1998
Wu-Tang's Ol' Dirty Bastard Plans Solo U.S. Tour

June 25, 1998
PM Dawn Disc Laments A World Gone Wrong
Chart Watch: Summer Soundtracks Sizzle

June 26, 1998
Black Eyed Peas Revel In Retro-Rap On Upcoming LP

June 30, 1998
Black Eyed Peas, M.O.P. Take Smokin' Grooves Into The Future
Wu-Tang's Ol' Dirty Bastard Shot In Apartment Robbery

July 1, 1998
Wu-Tang's ODB Exits Hospital After Being Shot During Robbery

July 4, 1998
Beastie Boys Film Infomercial To Hype New LP

July 6, 1998
Rapper Flesh-N-Bone Gears Up For Solo Album Release

July 8, 1998
Def Squad's El Nino Storms Into #2 Spot

July 9, 1998
Rollins, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Go To 'War' For Soundtrack
Rapper Foxy Brown Burglarized At Gunpoint

July 10, 1998
Cops Investigate ODB, Foxy Brown Armed Break-Ins

July 13. 1998
Ghetto Twinz' No Pain, No Gain Gives Hope To Hard-Core Rap

July 14, 1998
Police Probe Gunshots Before And After Big Punisher Show
Barenaked Ladies' Stunt Debuts At #3

July 16, 1998
Cam'ron Serves As Sounding Board On Latest LP

July 20, 1998
Goodie Mob's T-Mo Scorns Hip-Hop Regionalism
DMX To Take DNA Test In Attempt To Clear Rape Charges

July 22, 1998
Beastie Boys' Hello Nasty Explodes Into #1 Spot

July 24, 1998
Kane & Abel Learn Recording Craft With No Limit

July 25, 1998
Sunday Morning: Is There No Limit To No Limit's Success?

July 27, 1998
Mary J. Blige Captures Raw Sounds Of First Headlining Tour On LP

July 28, 1998
Judge To Rule In Case Of Gunfire At Big Pun Show

July 29, 1998
Beasties' #1 Hello Nasty Surges Toward Platinum Mark

July 30, 1998
Unauthorized Tupac CD Hits Charts, May Be Headed For Court
Witness Testifies That Big Pun Security Was Holding A Pistol

Aug. 03, 1998
Mary J. Blige Forms Her Own Record Label

Aug. 04, 1998
Rapper Special Ed Accuses Police Of Brutality

Aug. 05, 1998
Snoop Dogg Unleashes No Limit Debut
Beastie Boys Three-Peat At #1
E-40 Revisits Mr. Flamboyant With New CD Set

Aug. 07, 1998
Judge Denies Keith Murray's Request For Reduced Sentence
MC Lyte Gets Heavy On Upcoming Release

Aug. 10, 1998
E-40 Wrapping Up Work On Direct-To-Video Autobiography
Ice-T To Showcase New Songs On Tour

Aug. 11, 1998
MC Lyte Takes On Debut Film Role
E-40 Defines Hip-Hop With Slang Dictionary

Aug. 12, 1998
Xzibit Says Gunfire At Big Pun Show Warranted
Snoop Dogg's No Limit Debut Lands At #1

Aug. 13, 1998
Big Punisher Security Guard Charged In Gunfire Incident

Aug. 14, 1998
Fans See Tribe Called Quest Breakup As End Of An Era

Aug. 17, 1998
Tupac Estate Moves To Block Unauthorized CD's Distribution

Aug. 18, 1998
Rap Stars And Newcomers Join Lyricist Lounge Tour

Aug. 19, 1998
Kid Rock Raps With The Devil
Hip-Hop Acts Premiere New Tunes On Smokin' Grooves Tour
Snoop Dogg's Da Game Holds Fast At #1

Aug. 24, 1998
Xzibit Displays Expanded Vision On New LP

Aug. 25, 1998
Flipmode Squad Plan Assault On Music Mainstream

Aug. 25, 1998
Fugee Lauryn Hill's Solo Debut Reveals Her Essence
Beastie Boys, Snoop Follow the Leader -- Korn
Depeche Mode Plan First American Tour In Five Years

Aug. 27, 1998
Mac Licks His War Wounds On New LP

Aug. 30, 1998
Commentary: Zeeland Rock City!

Aug. 31, 1998
Students Keep Korn, Manson T-Shirts Off Campus
Everlast Gets Serious On Solo Album

Sept. 02, 1998
Funkmaster Flex Ends Innovative Mix-Tape Series
Lauryn Hill's Chart-Topping Miseducation Breaks Record

Sept. 03, 1998
Tommy Boy's Greatest Beats Documents Hip-Hop History

Sept. 04, 1998
Silky Smooth Voices Make For Jagged Edge

Sept. 09, 1998
Top Rappers To Say 'Cheese' For 'Great Day In Harlem' Update
Fat Joe, Big Punisher Charged In Parade Beating
Lauryn Hill's Miseducation Holds Tight At #1

Sept. 10, 1998
Wyclef, Ice-T Join Giant Hip-Hop Unity Gig

Sept. 14, 1998
Lauryn Hill's Chart Success Opens Doors For Female Hip-Hoppers
Big Pun, Fat Joe To Answer Puerto Rican Day Beating Charges
Wu-Tang's RZA Gets Funky On Soundtrack Solo Debut

Sept. 15, 1998
Ex-Geto Boys Rapper Sues Record Labels Over Alleged Beating

Sept. 16, 1998
Slam Soundtrack To Highlight Hip-Hop Lyricists
Canibus, Hole Crack Top 10

Sept. 18, 1988
Wyclef, Ras Kass Pop In On Lyricist Lounge Tour

Sept. 21, 1998
Run-D.M.C. and Invisibl Skratch Piklz Resurrect Cyberfest Dance Show
Seven Wu-Tang Members Ready Solo Albums

Sept. 22, 1998
Rapper Q-Tip Arrested For Allegedly Striking Journalist

Sept. 24, 1998
Shock-Rocker Marilyn Manson Reigns Over Album Chart

Sept. 27, 1998
Sunday Morning: Hip-Hop's Headliners Help Their Own

Sept. 28, 1998
Puff Daddy Parties Prompt Neighbor Complaints
Arrest Warrant Issued For Def Squad's Keith Murray

Sept. 29, 1998
Rap-Concert Promoter Tracing Master P's Path To Success

Sept. 30, 1998
Kiss Planted Near Big Top With Psycho-Circus

Oct. 01, 1998
Skull Duggery Sees No Limit To His Potential
Wyclef Jean And Refugee All-Stars On Back-To-College Tour

Oct. 02, 1998
A Tribe Called Quest Breakup Not Necessarily The End

Oct. 03, 1998
R&B Songwriter Andrea Martin Sings For Herself

Oct. 05, 1998
Tricky Trip-Hops Across Atlantic On U.S. Tour
Death Row Biographer, Publisher Sued For Defamation

Oct. 07, 1998
Rappers Jay-Z, Outkast, Tribe Win, Place And Show In Chart Race

Oct. 08, 1998
Magic Pulls Charting Album Out Of His Hat

Oct. 09, 1998
Canibus Says Feud With LL Cool J Was Poor Self-Promotion

Oct. 12, 1998
Big Pun Bodyguard Set To Answer Gun Charge In Court

Oct. 13, 1998
Kurupt Applies Lessons Learned To Solo Career

Oct. 14, 1998
Jay-Z's New Hard Knock Life Has A Golden Week

Oct. 15, 1998
LL Cool J Takes Low-Key Swipe At Wyclef Jean
Big Pun, Fat Joe Beating Trial Gets Underway

Oct. 16, 1998
Beck, Prodigy's Howlett Get In Mix For Tommy Boy Hits CD

Oct. 19, 1998
Fugitive Keith Murray Forced To Delay New LP Release
Big Punisher, Fat Joe Assault And Robbery Charges Dismissed

Oct. 21, 1998
Rappers Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill Rise To The Top

Oct. 25, 1998
Sunday Morning: Don't Call It A Comeback

Oct. 26, 1998
DeeJay Punk-Roc Debuts A Melting-Pot Mix

Oct. 27, 1998
Tela Breaks From Past To Piece Together New LP

Oct. 28, 1998
Live Black Sabbath, Aerosmith Highest Of Debuts

Oct. 29, 1998
Former Dead Kennedys Sue Jello Biafra Over Royalties
Run-D.M.C. Give OK To Will Smith For Autobiographical Film

Nov. 1, 1998
Ex-Dead Kennedys Guitarist Claims Suit Against Biafra Unavoidable

Nov. 2, 1998
Beat Junkies Mainline Turntable Artistry On Mix-Tape Album

Nov. 3, 1998
Cyberfest '98 Comes Off Without A Hitch

Nov. 4, 1998
Coup's Steal This Album Title Not What It Seems
Jay-Z Fends Off Strong Debuts From Dru Hill, R.E.M.

Nov. 10, 1998
Rick James Unable To Walk After Suffering Stroke

Nov. 11, 1998
Insane Clown Posse Toy With New Projects
Alanis Morissette's Junkie Album Rockets Up The Chart

Nov. 12, 1998
Baby J Unleashes Gritty Hip-Hop On Birth
Rick James Undergoes Physical Rehab

Nov. 13, 1998
Mia X Matures On Mama Drama

Nov. 16, 1998
Jeep Beat Collective Ready U.S. Debut
Onslaught Of New Albums Looms On 'Super Tuesday'

Nov. 17, 1998
Geto Boys Target Broader Fanbase With New LP
Public Enemy's Chuck D Settles B.I.G. Copyright Suit

Nov. 19, 1998
Hip-Hop Scribes Fired Up Over Beating Of Blaze Editor

Nov. 23, 1998
Black Concert Promoters Sue Over Alleged Racism
Big Punisher Bodyguard To Answer Gun Charge In Court

Nov. 24, 1998

Garth Brooks, Method Man Top 'Super Tuesday' Roster

Nov. 25, 1998
DJ Quik Accents The Positive On Rhythm-Al-Ism
Method Man, Jewel Join Garth Brooks At The Top
Garth Brooks' Double Live Breaks One-Week Sales Record, Hits #1

Nov. 26, 1998
Quote-Unquote: Bushwick Bill

Nov. 30, 1998
Ex-Geto Boy Bushwick Bill Offers No Surrender ... No Retreat

Dec. 1, 1998
Lawsuits Plague Chart-Topping Divas Jewel, Lauryn Hill
Accounting Change Boosted Garth Brooks' CD Sales Over Pearl Jam's

Dec. 2, 1998
Metallica's Garage, Inc. Debuts Highest At #2

Dec. 3, 1998
Lauryn Hill Preps For Major U.S. Tour

Dec. 6, 1998
Sunday Morning: Tommy Boy Offers Hip-Hop 101

Dec. 7, 1998

E-A-Ski Files $30 Million Lawsuit Against DreamWorks

Dec. 8, 1998
Rage Against The Machine Singer Donates Track To Mumia Benefit CD

Dec. 10, 1998
Dead Can Dance Split Up After 17 Years

Dec. 14, 1998
Bushwick Bill Blasts Label Over Life Insurance Policy

Dec. 15, 1998
Rick James' Release From Hospital Delayed

Dec. 16, 1998
Rap Mogul Master P All Dolled Up For The Holidays
Garth Brooks' Reign Continues As The Charts Feels Holiday Surge
Import George Michael/Mary J. Blige Duet Hits U. S. Airwaves

Dec. 18, 1998
Chuck D, Ras Kass Join Posse on Mumia Benefit Album

Dec. 21, 1998
Critic's Picks: Randy Reiss' Top 10

Dec. 23, 1998
Strong Chart Debuts From Mystikal, Busta Rhymes

Dec. 29, 1998
Manson, Aerosmith, Phish Among New Year's Eve Choices

Dec. 30, 1998
DMX Knocks Brooks From Top Of Albums Chart

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