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The Rocktober.Com Gift Guide is for those who are looking for presents for the music obsessives in their lives.

The 21 Best CDs of 2002


Unearthed - Johnny Cash

A five CD box set from covering The Man In Black's years working with producer Rick Rubin. One greatest hits CD, one previoulsy unreleased gospel CD and three CDs of new material-- featuring guests like Flea, Fiona Apple, Joe Strummer, Tom Petty and more.

Various Artists, A Cellar Full of Motown

One year later, and this is still the best selling CD I have ever linked to from my site. This 2 CD set is an awesome gift for the Motown fan in your life. Features rare and never before released songs by Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers, Gladys Knight & The Pips and many more. Grooves so good, you'll simply be astonished that Motown kept them hidden away for so many years. A great gift for the Motown/oldies fan in your life.

Ipod For Mac or Windows

Once again, I must insist that you believe the hype. This MP3 player changed everyone's expectations as to what a player should do and it is still the best in the market. Now available for both Mac and Windows users!

Da Capo Best Music Writing Series

For the rock critic geek in your life, there is probably not a better gift-- exeprt some rare vinyl the've been looking for all their life. The collections of essays and stories cover everything from Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, World Beat and more. All the pieces are well written enough that the person you give it to will find themselves referring to the book again and again. i know I do.

cover cover cover

Da Capo Best Music Writing 2000
Da Capo Best Music Writing 2001
Da Capo Best Music Writing 2002
Da Capo Best Music Writing 2003

Brassy's Got It Made and Gettin' Wise

You may recognize Brassy's "I Got A Beef" from the latest round of Motorola cellphone commercials, but Brassy's Got It Made is still well on it's way to becoming a lost classic-- and it was only released last year! I can really only describe Got It Made as "cheerleader funk"-- it's lively mix of agressive funk, intimidating rap, deft scratching and rough edged guitar work that will move your booty weather you like it or not, sukka! Gettin' Wise was released this year and is more of a showcase for the group's DJ and beat-creator, but it still is a fun ride.

The Complete Monterey Pop Festival - Criterion Collection DVD

The original film is here, along with commentary galore and two hours of previously unseen performances by artists like The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and Quicksilver Messenger Service. There also is additional footage from The Who, Simon & Garfunkel and The Mamas and The Papas as well as the complete sets of Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding. A must own for classic rock fans.

Sampled CD Series
cover cover

These import compilations collect the original source material that your fave artists have sampled to make hits of their own. Soemtimes it is scary to hear how little an artist did to a song before calling it their own, but these collections are solid none the less. I own three of these 2 CD sets and am hoping Santa will bring me the fourth o ne for Xmas. Good for the dance music/hip-hop fan and crate-digging DJ in your life.

Buy Sampled Pt. 1 Now!
Buy Sampled Pt. 2 Now!
Buy Sampled Pt. 3 Now!
Buy Sampled Pt. 4 Now!

2 - All Girl Summer Fun Band

The AGSFB couldn't be any cuter or sweeter if they tried-- and if they did, it would just seem like overkill. Their songs are classic pop (with lots of woo-woos and oh yeahs) played for an indie-rock audience that is allegedy too cool and jaded for the joys and sorrows of a good teen-age romance song. This album is impossible to dislike -- spread the love and buy one for everyone on your list!

Scratch DVD

This is an amazing documentary about the development and growth of the turntabilist movement. It features appearances by DJ Q-Bert, DJ Shadow, Mix Master Mike, Cut Chemist and many more. It also comes packed with primo extras. An excellent gift for the hip-hop/DJ fan in your life.

The Old Grey Whistle Test DVD

Vintage, non-lip-syncing clips of artists ranging from Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and John Lennon to Bob Marley, The Ramones, XTC and U2.

Orchestra Baobab's Pirates Choice

If you liked The Buena Vista Social Club, this album is right up your alley. Latin jazz straight outta Senegal, played with passion and taste. Do not sleep on this album, recorded originally in 1982 but never before released in the U.S.

Orchestra Baobab's Specialist In All Styles

Same band, 20 years later. They've still got it. Don't sleep on this album-- they've only improved with age.

Various Artists, No Thanks! The 70s Punk Rebellion

Give those snot nosed punks in your life a little history lesson that they'll be glad to get. All the usual suspects except The Sex Pistols are represented here-- so if you know a young punker who thinks the whole shebang started with Green Day, you know what to leave 'em underneath The Corporate Mandated, Mother Earth Raped, Fake Holiday Tree

The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll (Revised and Updated for the 21st Century)

This latest incarnation of an authoritative encyclopedia first published in 1983 boasts over 100 new entries and many revisions to the 1800 entries found in the 1995 edition. As always, the RS brain trust does an excellent job of covering the essential points of each artists' career and places them in their proper historical perspective. Again, a good one for the obsessive music geek in your life and music fans of any age.

Various Artists, The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968, 1968-1971, 1972-1975

Disc upon disc of some of the best soul music ever unleashed upon mankind. Features stellar tracks from Otis Redding, Rufus Thomas, Carla Thomas, Johnnie Taylor, Booker T. & The MGs, Eddie Floyd and so many more. You can't call yourself a music fan unless you own this.

Yes Yes Y'All: The Experience Music Project Oral History of Hip-Hop's First Decade

Based on the "Hip-Hop Nation" exhibit at Seattle's Experience Music Project and the project's ongoing Oral History Program, this book colelcts interviews with many of those who were there when a culture was born. This is a perfect gift for hip-hop fans of any age. Old school heads will enjoy reminicing and younger fans will get a peak at where their favorite music came from.



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