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    Friday, March 29, 2002

    Today is the the 5 yr. anniversary of me and my wife's first date. She has something planned this weekend to celebrate, but she won't tell me what. All she will say is that I'll probably hate part of it, but over all it will be fun. I have no idea what's going to happen-- will I have to eat mushrooms? That's about all I really hate. Wait, maybe she's going to make me work-out. She's a crafty one, so I just have to wait and see. I'll let y'all (hahahahaha-- if you're out there reading this, hit me up with an email, please) know what happens.

    What was our first date like, you ask? Long. 5 years long, thus far. We knew each other from The Well, but we first introduced at a Valentine's Day party. I saw her across the room and was stunned, she saw me dancing by myself across the room and thought I was a freak. Our first date came about as a result of an online discussion about what kind of people "get our engines running." I said tall red-heads with thick long hair, husky voices and some meat on their bones. She said she fit the bill and wondered why I neverasked her out. So, I did. We went to a benefit raffle at Zeitgiest and then to a friend's birthday celebration at Beer Ness (which is now The Bohemian Lounge). We haven't been apart since. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    On a random other note: blogs with tiny tiny tiny type give me a headache. Please, stop the madness.

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    Thursday, March 28, 2002

    Imani Coppola, she of "Legend of a Cowgirl" one-hit-wonder fame has a new CD coming out. She posts about as regularly as any one else does on her message boards, which isn't very much, but I still think it is cool when an artist hangs out on bulletin boards with their fans. Here, specifically, is the post where she offers up the address to send your cash to in order to get her new CD. I haven't heard anything off it yet, but Chupacabra, her first album, was sort of quirky and funky in a bohemian-feminist-urban-hippie kind of way. Plus, she plays the violin, which is always cool.

    I know all this because as part of my work today I went to and discovered it had been jacked away from Sony Music (her old record label) and replaced with a porn site. At least it had links to other porn sites, as there was no pictures on the front page. Anyway, I was curious to see what she was up to and Google led me to the message board. Gotta love the Internet!

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    Wednesday, March 27, 2002

    Just wanted to quickly note the passing of comedy genius Milton Berle. He reminded me a lot of my father's father-- funny and mean but good underneath it all. I can't say my grandfather ever dressed in drag-- and if he did, I don't wanna know I about it! I highly reccommend this book if you wanna laugh. So long, Uncle Miltie.

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    Why radio and concert promotion sucks pt. 20 Gazillion: Check out Eric Boehlert's continuing excellent coverage of Clear Channel for Salon. Today's article is about how the government is starting to wake up to their shady business practices.

    Today on the way to work my wife and I listened to Shaggy's "Angel" from his album Hotshot. My wife said she loved the song becuase it was just stupid and was unashamedly so. I'd have to agree, but I can't join her in loving the song. But what do I know, I'm still in the midst of a Bob Seger rennisance.

    posted by Randy on 9:59 AM | permanent link to this entry

    Tuesday, March 26, 2002

    My main man Michael Goldberg once again gets it right in his latest The Drama You've Been Craving essay entitled For The Music Business, The 'Present' Is The Past . He sort of dances around my main thoughts on this issue-- namely, once being in the music biz becomes crazy unprofitible on such a large scale, the Big 5 will divest and smaller, more nimble companies will step in their place and/or artists will get a little more D.I.Y. spirit flowing in their bones. At least that is my hope

    If you're gonna be in San Francisco on April 6, you should come hear me (appearing in my nom-de-funk MC Hesher) do tha DJ thing at The El Ray Del Art's Mind Roastingly Supreme Art Party. The art and booze will be cheap (check the prices, yo!) and the tunes will be excellent. It'll be at the 66 Balmy gallery here in SF from Thursday April 4th to Monday April 8th, 2002, but the big party is on Monkeys and Cheap Beer Night, which is Saturday, April 6 from 6-10 p.m. I'll be the dude spinning the tunes. Holla at me if you heard about here on "Where It's Always Two For Tuesday!" and I'll play whatever you request.

    I gotta give a mad shout out to the good punks at TKO Records for hooking me up with some punk-rock CDs. I'll review 'em in a bit, but I always like to spread good vibes when I can. I went to hippie school for grade school and college, what can I say.

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    Monday, March 25, 2002

    I meant to post my Oscar picks here, but I never got around to it. I was pretty much way off-- I expected Lord of the Rings to get all the technical awards, A Beautiful Mind to get all the majors it was nominated for and Memento to get best editing and best screenplay. Oh, and Sissy Spacek to get Best Actress and Sir Ian McKellen to get Best Supporting Oscar. I usually do pretty well at predicting the Oscars, but this year I was all over the place. Oh well. Perhaps I need to read this book again.

    If y'all are into music criticism at all, you should do like I'm going to do and attend The Pop Studies Music Confrence at The Experience Music Project in Seattle. Lotsa rock scribes will be there talking about the music biz and the music writing biz and the future of music and what not. Lotsa academic stuff, too. April 11-14. Be there or be square!

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