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    Friday, July 26, 2002

    Attention Bay Area Peeps!! Tomorrow Night!! Don't forget to come see me spin this Saturday, July 27 @ 66 Balmy Gallery in San Francisco for El Rey's Mind Roastingly Supreme Art Party 7 - 10 p.m.

    • Sale of Vivendi's U.S. Assets Seen
      Now it's getting interesting! The U.S. Universal folks met with the French Vivendi folks and both parties indicated that a sale of the U.S. entertainment assets would be of interest. Selling off Universal Music and Universal Movies together might be difficult, but sepearately it probably could be done. None of the major labels could buy Music without serious anti-trust issues being riased-- I'm guessing maybe the same for Universal Movies. God, I would love to see it all broken up in a piecemeal fashion to a lot of different suitors. A boy can dream. On the same tip, but with a different company: Will AOL emerge as takeover bait?

    • Producer Sues Over 'Osbournes' Idea
      Normally, I would say this smells kind of fishy, but the dude does have a treatment registered with the writer's union that's dated January 2000. Ooops. With Sharon Osbourne's cancer scare, I would bet there weill be a quick settlement. Also, that little stunt where they re-released Blizzard of Oz and the Diary of a Madman with different peole playing bass and drum? That has also landed Ozzy in lawsuit land.

    • Cocaine Cited in Entwistle's Death
      More than anything, this just reminds me of how sad drug addiction is. John Entwhistle was advised by his doctors that he shouldn't partcipate in The Who tour because his heart was pretty weak. He did it, Pete Townshend has said, becuase he needed the money (and just right here I'm gonna say that perhaps he needed the money 'cos his past riches have gone to support a drug habbit maybe?). And then the night before the tour he does a bunch of coke and his little heart can't take it and he dies at the freakin' Hard Rock Hotel and Casino as the ultimate piece of memoribillia. Sad.

    • Snoop Dogg Taps Former Death Row Lablemates For Welcome To Tha House Vol. 1
      Snoop Dogg's upcoming label sampler will feature lots of his ol' Death Row cronies-- Lady Of Rage, RBX, Nate Dogg, Daz Dillinger and Soopafly.

    • Too Short Has Nasty Answer To Khia's 'My Neck, My Back'
      Excellent. The title? "My Dick, My Sack." Read the article, it is funny as hell. "I'm glad they have something to high-five about. But it's not like playas like me who've been around for a while aren't going to have something to say about it. F--- that. There's too many females out there celebrating."

    • From MTV to the Taliban
      A much more sober look at that "controversial" new Steve Earle song about John Walker-Lindh.

    • Stephan Jenkins to Star in Movie
      Jenkins, lead singer of Third Eye Blind, will play an ambitious designer who gets his big break and then walks out on his wife for a string of young babes. His wife will then seek her revenge by training a woman to be his ideal mate so she can tear him down. No comment.

    • For Rob Lowe, These Are The Good Old Days
      Perfect piece by Tim Goodman about how stupid Rob Lowe is for leaving "The West Wing."

    • 'Emo' Punk Gets Mainstream Attention
      Not to worry, litte emo fans: "the swing revival" got tons of this kind of attention and then broke through for like half-a-year before returning to its more humble roots. Don't get your thick black glasses all fogged up over this coverage.

    • NBC's Wright Not Concerned About TiVo
      Stop the presses! A TV exec who gets it! "Wright said he is a proponent of TiVo because he believes it "encourages more viewing" and is a better device for recording shows than VCRs. He acknowledged that the TV networks will have to come up with ways to make advertising more relevant to viewers so they do not use TiVo to skip past the commercials."

    • DoubleClick: Web Sites' Reach Matches TV, Nears Mags
      Speaking of TV-- Yahoo! and a couple of MSN sites now reach more "viewers" than the top television shows do.

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    Thursday, July 25, 2002

    Attention Bay Area Peeps!! Don't forget to come see me spin this Saturday, July 27 @ 66 Balmy Gallery in San Francisco for El Rey's Mind Roastingly Supreme Art Party 7 - 10 p.m.

    • U.S. Woos Arabs With Pop Music
      Very interesting story about how the Voice of America re-vamped its operations in the Middle East following the events of 9-11. Can Britney Spears' cover of "I Love Rock N' Roll" make Arabs have a better opinon of the U.S.? Only if they never heard the Joan Jett version, says me.

    • Destiny's Child Settles Lawsuits
      LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson settled their lawsuit with Destiny's Child and company. They already settled this once, but then Beyonce' (Miss Foxxy Cleopatra herself) busted out with "You thought that I'd be stressed without you/ But I'm chillin'/ You thought I wouldn't sell without you/ Sold 9 million" on "Survivor." Oops. I hope that little dig was worth whatever she had to pay as a settlement.

    • Ex-Record Promoter Arrested in Murder
      Richard D'Antonio was arrested Wednesday in Las Vegas and charged in the 1989 shooting death of Kevin Hughes, a record chart researcher for Cash Box magazine. Country singer Sammy Sadler was hit during the same shooting, but survived.

    • VH1 Rocking with Revamp
      Lotsa new stuff coming from VH-1: more "Driven," more "Behind The Music" (but not as many episodes), "Liza & David" (in which Liza Minelli and her most-likely-gay husband David Gest host dinner parties), "Rock the House" (in which a music fan gets a surprise visit from a fave rock star who, a la TLC's "Trading Spaces," redecorates the fan's house or room), a series profiling prison rock bands, and "I Love the '80s" (reviewing the seminal pop culture events of a given year from the 1980s.) Also, an episodic version of the William Shatner hosted "Top 100 One Hit Wonders" and more "Movies That Rock" (um, let me just state here that "Gremlins 2" is not now nor never has nor never will be a movie which rocks). Check the story for full info. I knda wish VH-1 would balance their retro-coverage with more in-depth stuff about music that is happening now, but so be it.

    • No Looking at You, Kid
      Speaking of movies that don't rock! The above link will take you to a pretty solid piece on how American Movie Classics has lost its way and is losing viewers to Turner Movie Classics. I wish I could remember the bad 80s flick I saw on AMC the other night, but right then and there I knew they were flakin' and perpertratin'. Glad to see I ain't the only one.

    • Calif. Court Rules 'Barbie Girl' Can Party On
      Aqua 's "Barbie Girl"-- annoying, yes. Trademark infringment, no. "Free speech rocks!'-- Oprah.

    • 'Starsky And Hutch' Director Wants Snoop To Play Huggy Bear
      Okay, so first-- they're making a Starsky & Hutch movie? Excellent! Snoop Dogg as Huggy Bear? Solid.

    • That Whole Farewell Thing? We Changed Our Minds, Kiss Say
      Surprise, surprise, surprise. Not.

    • Just what are the kids doing for entertainment these days?
      This article says they aren't watching as much TV as adults. This article says they aren't buying comic books, action figures, video games or going to the movies a much as adults are either.

    • Hugh Hef, Film Preservationist
      Taking his dirty porn money and turning it into something good. You go, Hef!

    • Riders on the Storm
      Very good piece in the The Nation by Doors member John Densmore about the pressure put on artists to "sell out" and his battles to remain true to the group's original artistic intentions. He rambles off occasionally (hey, he's a recovering hippie, what ya gonna do), but it over all is a very interesting piece.

    • Molly Ivins on the Telecom Act of 96
      Molly Ivins tells it how it is. Fo' real. Read it and weep. Literally, weep.

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    Wednesday, July 24, 2002

    Don't forget to come see me spin this Saturday, July 27 @ 66 Balmy Gallery in San Francisco for El Rey's Mind Roastingly Supreme Art Party 7 - 10 p.m.

    • Artists Slam Music Industry Reporting
      In this time of people being all worked about about accounting irregularities from multi-national corporations, artists have picked a great time to shine the spotlight on the accounting practices of the R.I.A.A. cartel.

    • Could Hollywood Hack Your PC?
      Speaking of the R.I.A.A. cartel-- a bill sponsored by Reps. Howard Berman, D-Calif., and Howard Coble, R-N.C., would permit copyright holders to perform nearly unchecked electronic hacking if they have a "reasonable basis" to believe that piracy is taking place. Berman and Coble plan to introduce the 10-page bill this week. This legalized vigaliantism must not be permitted to pass. Please read the article and then get in touch with your representatives to let them know that this aggression will not stand.

    • Heavy D Hires Hip-Hop Heavies For Comeback LP, H.E.V.
      The good news is that Heavy D. recognizes that he's only going to appeal to older hip-hop fans (yours truly included!). The bad news is that he's trying to expand his appeal by inviting guest (P. Diddy, Loon, Faith Evans) to appear on his next album. *Sigh*

    • Suge Knight To Dish On Dre, Snoop In Tell-All Book
      Oh, man. Will he propagate some more "Dre is gay" rumors? Will he take responsibility for the deaths of Tupac and Biggie? He says he wants the books to inspire kids to get out of the ghetto by means aside from sports, music and entertainment. Um, bullying and cheating people is a better option, Suge? I'm just asking. Guess I'll have to read the book to find out. Some Punk Ass bitch Keeps Moving My Government Cheese-- a possible title?

    • 'West Wing' Lets Lowe Go
      Could being the only cast member not nominated for an Emmy have had anything to do with this? Mmmmmaaayybe. You know those gaint Hollywood egos. Anyway, he seems to be bummed that the focus of the show has become a rock solid ensamble and not so much around his speechwriter character as originally intended. I think they'll be fine without him.

    • 'Anti-Britney' Teen Queens Emerging
      Michelle Branch (guitar chick), Vanessa Carlton (piano chick) and Avril Lavigne (Canadian skater chick) get a shout-out in this AP article about evolving teen musical tastes. I don't have much other comment about this article-- it's well done but nothing earth shaking.

    • 'Pulp Fiction' Soundtrack Reissued As Two-CD Set With Bonus Material
      Cool. They're adding four songs in the flick but not on the originall soundtrack-- "Since I First Met You" by the Robins, "Strawberry Letter #23" by the Brothers Johnson , Link Wray's "Rumble," and the Marketts' "Out Of Limits." The second CD features Quentin Tarantino yacking on about why he picked the songs. The CD is being re-issued along withthe DVd release of Pulp Fiction.

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    Tuesday, July 23, 2002

    Don't forget to come see me spin this Saturday, July 27 @ 66 Balmy Gallery in San Francisco for El Rey's Mind Roastingly Supreme Art Party 7 - 10 p.m.

    • Doin' it for themselves Feminist arts and activism infuse Bay Area Ladyfest
      You go, grrrllz! Check out this site for info about everything that's going on this week at Ladyfest Bay Area.

    • Elton John Producer Gus Dudgeon Dies
      Gus Dudgeon died in a car crash on Sunday. He was 59. Songs he produced include "Rocket Man," "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," "Your Song," "Daniel" and "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me." And that's just Elton John songs-- he was also the man behind the boards for David Bowie 's "Space Oddity." R.I.P. from

    • 'Monkees' Redo in View
      Ack. Simon Fuller, who also created and managed the Spice Girls has secured rights to The Monkees concept and name. "The Monkees" also served as inspiration for Fuller's teen band SClub7, a pop group of seven members who starred in their own international TV show, released a number of hit records in the U.K. and even designed their own clothing line. So, like I said before, ack. On the other hand, I experienced a Monkees re-awakening a few weeks ago. "Last Train To Clarksville," "Randy Scouse Git," "Your Auntie Grizildia," "Daydream Believer"-- all freakin' awesome pop songs.

    • Dre, Ja Rule, P. Diddy Have All Threatened To Retire But Will They?
      I saw this headline on and said to self "I bet my old SonicNet co-worker Gil Kaufman wrote that." What do you know, he did. Nice piece, too, reinforcing and explaining one of's Rules of Rock-- Never believe an artist who says they are going to retire.

    • Weezer Tangles With 'The Lion And The Witch'
      Weezer is preparing a 7-song EP, titled The Lion and the Witch (what about the Wardrobe?, asks me) for limited (25,000 copies) this summer. According to Weezer's official Web site, the tracks for "The Lion and the Witch" were recorded live during the group's recent Japanese tour. The EP will also include a newly recorded studio version of the group's latest single, "Keep Fishin'." The EPwill also feature at least one unreleased track which has been known as "Polynesia" on recent set lists, and will appear here as a "hidden" unlisted song.

    • Masterpiece: "You Really Got Me"
      Salon continues its excellent "Masterpiece" series with this look at the making of The Kinks' proto-punk classic "You Really Got Me."

    • Rocktober.Com Leads You To Fab Time Wasters
      Helloooo nurse! Internet Moving Images Archive: Movie Collection-- check it out! An excellent archive of old Department of Defense films, industrial films and movies theu used to show kids in school.

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    Monday, July 22, 2002

    First Of All: A big thank you goes out to all y'alk who showed up to Brainwash Cafe & Laundromat on Friday nigbht to hear me spin. I had a lot of fun, I hope you did to. Here's some flyers to help you relive your memories.

    Second Of All: Don't forget to come see me spin this Saturday, July 27 @ 66 Balmy Gallery in San Francisco for El Rey's Mind Roastingly Supreme Art Party 7 - 10 p.m.

    And Now, The News:

    • Japan Company Hits Sony, Jackson Over 9/11 Single
      The re-cap-- Michael Jackson isn't happy with the way Sony Music promoted his last album and fears that the company will forclose on loans it gave him using Jackson's valuable stake in Sony/ATV publishing (which own the Beatles catalog, among others). He's also peeved that Sony wouldn't release his benefit single "What More Can I Give?" after McDonald's refused to distribute it once it discovered that the song's executive producer is also a gay porn king pin. Now adding his voice to the chorus is Yasumi Takeuchi, president of Tokyo-based Music Fighters, who says his company had bought the rights to the all-star single "What More Can I Give," in the hope of releasing it to coincide with a proposed Jackson tour of Japan. That tour appears to be in doubt as does the single's release. Tjis is an excellent overview of the whole Michael Jackson/"What More Can I Give?" debacle.

    • RealNetworks Poses Challenge to Microsoft
      You're gonna have to excuse this comparison, but it is what comes to my head when i read this article. When I was living in Estonia, I was told many, many times by native Estonians that they were not Nazis. They swore up and down they weren't. Um, okay, fine, I never suspected they were but language barriers prevented me from exploring the subject too much further. Finally, someone who spoke really good english explained the situation to me. Estonians for generations have hated the Russians, mainly becuase every couple of generations the Russians would invade and try and squash Estonian culture-- all for access to Tallinn's port. When World War II came around, the Estonains hitched their wagon to the Germans, mainly because they wanted the Russians out, not so much becuase they wanted the Germans in. Got it? Now, in the war over software that can distribute audio and video please consider the consumer to be Estonia, Microsoft to be Russia and Real Networks to be Germany.

    • Investors May Have Repudiated the Internet, but Consumers Have Not
      The internet is for the people, not Big Media. The seemingly obvious nicely summarized in the above article.

    • Computer Games as the Tools for Digital Filmmakers
      Sorta like filmmaking with Flash taken to the next level. Machinima (ma-SHIN-i-ma) is a form of digital filmmaking using graphics available from computer games and to produce animated movies quickly and cheaply. Machinima movies, which range from short comedies to science-fiction epics, are produced entirely on computers, eliminating the need to buy costly equipment, rent spectacular locations or hire glamorous actors. The films are then distributed free over the Internet. By the people, for the people, for free and out of the hands of Big Media. And, it is mostly done in real time! More info at and

    • Musicologist Alan Lomax Dies
      R.I.P. If Lomax hadn't recorded folk, blues and jazz musicians from the 1930s onward by going to them (jnstead of sanitizing them in a studio), much of America's early 1900's culture would've been lost to memories and written history. Thankfully, these sounds will be available for generations to come.

    • Police: Rapper Taped Alleged Assault
      Mystikal and three other men allegedly raped a woman who he threatened to turn into the police for trying to cash some of his checks. He also allegedly taped the assault. If convicted, he could face life in prison.

    • Judge In C-Murder's Murder Trial Allows 'Previous Bad Acts' Evidence
      Mystikal's former label mate C-Murder is also looking at some serious time on a murder charge. Read the above article, it doesn't look good for C-Murder.

    • P. Diddy Gets Hit With Lawsuit From 'I'll Be Missing You' Songwriters
      Kelly Price, Jeremy Graham, and Todd Gaither (Sauce Money) are suing P. Diddy for $4 million, alleging that the songwriters were never paid any royalties for penning Combs's biggest hit to date, "I'll Be Missing You." The suit claims the deal the trio signed tunrs out to be specifically designed not to pay them because it places a cap on the amount of royalties paid out on songs written or co-written by P.-Diddy, as "I'll Be Missing You" apparently was.

    • 'U.S. Taliban' Inspires Controversial Ballad
      Alt-country rapscallion Steve Earle has released "John Walker's Blues," a song about "American Talliban" John Walker-Lindh. Nashville, as usualy, is less than impressed.

    • Ravers Against the Machine
      Nice Washington Post article about the growing resistence to The Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act of 2002 -- or the RAVE Act. Something in the story that I didn't know before--
      has cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee and is on the consent calendar, meaning it could receive final approval without a roll call vote at any time. Please get in contact with your representatives and let them know how you feel about this unconstitutional bill.

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