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    Thursday, September 19, 2002

    • Michael Bolton Sued By Isleys For Continued Copyright Infringement
      The gist of their case seems to be that since Michael Bolton lost a copyright infringement case against The Isley Bros. over the song ""Love Is A Wonderful Thing," he should now remove it from all his albums and stop performing it in concert. Interesting point.

    • Dave Matthews Band To Issue Fifth Live Album In November
      Please note that aside from "Crash," I really dislike Dave Matthews. I put this news item here for those who might be interested-- plus, I think it is kind of interesting that they now have five live albums-- that's half their catalog! Anyway, Live From Folsom Field , will be in stores as a CD and DVD on Nov. 5.

    • Dr. Dre To Produce Next Ice Cube Record
      If you heard "Hello," "Chin Check" and/or "Natural Born Killaz," you know this is awesome news. Ice Cube's thundering rap and Dr. Dre's hard hitting beats are the perfect combo.

    • Bennett, Lang Prepare 'Wonderful' Duets Album
      On Nov. 5, Tony Bennett and k.d. Lang will release A Wonderful World, an album of duets of songs closely asociated with jazz great Louis Armstrong. i'm abit fearful and a bit intreagued.

    • ZZ Top Combing The Archives For Box Set
      Because the world is dying for a re-release of the 12 inch dance version of"Velcro Fly." But seriously, I might be interested in this boxed set. It's on a long list of other Need To Buy sets, but I'd still put it on there.

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    Wednesday, September 18, 2002

    • Slaves Of Celebrity
      This is one of those "everybody knows, and if they don't they really should' kind of stories: the contracts the contestants on "American Idol" were forced to sign allign them to the shows producers, in perpetuity, under the most constrictive terms imaginable. This is the price of instant fame-- and the cost of making a deal with the devil.

    • O'Donnell to End Magazine Venture With Bertelsmann
      Anybody who didn't see this coming once Rosie quit her show is blind. there's no way that magazine could survive without Rosie on TV everyday. Another lesson to be learned: when you base a media property on a single personality, don't be surprised when the whole thing goes to pot once that person stumbles in public (see also Martha Stewart).

    • Snoop Calls Suge Knight A Bitch On Upcoming Album
      I can't believe Snoop is officially releasing "Pimp't Slapped." Snoop, one always gets burned when they dance with the devil. Be the bigger man and just let it go. There is no happy ending in a battle with Suge Knight. On the other hand, the song is already on mix tapes and on P2P file trading systems, so I guess the cat is already out of the bag.

    • Foos, Thom Yorke, Vanessa Carlton To Play Bridge School
      Foo Fighters, The Other Ones (a.k.a. The Grateful Dead without Gerry), Thom Yorke, Vanessa Carlton, Ryan Adams, James Taylor, Tenacious D, Jack Johnson and host Neil Young will play this year's Bridge School Benefit. Scheduled for October 26 and 27 at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, the concert will feature the smae artists on both nights playing in different order, with the exception of the Foos only playing on Saturday and The Other Ones playing only on Sunday.

    • ABC to Starve Celebs for Ratings
      It's like "Survivor" with c-list celebrities. At least that's how the British version (called "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" ) has gone. Viewers will vote on which celebrity each night must take part in a physical challenge to win food for the group; lowest-rated members will be kicked out. The contestants will ultimately play for a charity of their choice. I'll make the obvious joke: How are we supposed to tell if the slim contestant celebrities are starving? How is making celebrites live on little food in a warm climate any different from their usual habitat?

    • Boston's New Song Popular--Just Not Under The Band's Name
      Wanna hear "Corporate America," the new Boston track? Then head on over to and look up Downer's Revenge
      (or, you know, just click on that link right back there). Band leader Tom Scholz says he was told there was no way a new song by Boston ("More Than A Feeling") was gonna be embraced by the kids today, so he had to go deep undercover to get a little love on the Internet, so to speak.

    • Juvenile Arrested For Assault
      Juvenile turned himself in to New Orleans police on Tuesday to face charges accused of simple battery and simple burglary in connection with the beating and robbery of his barber. The barber was allegedly bootlegging his CDs and Juvenile allegedly decided to get the money owed him-- the hard way. he and a few associated allegedly beat up the man and robbed him of $200.00. In a separate incident, Juvenile is also facing a charge of issuing worthless checks. The alleged offense was investigated by the Economic Crime Unit of the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office.

    • Daughters Go To Court, Say James Brown Owes Them Royalties
      This is actually kind of funny, yet still kind of tragic since it involves family. See, back in the day James Brown gave his children songwriting credit on at least 23 songs (including hits like "Get Up Offa That Thing") so they would earn money on the songs after he had gone off to his final resting place. Since then, there has been a lot of family infighting and The Godfather of Soul has allegedly not paid his daughters the money that is rightfully theirs. Legally, of course it is theirs, but realastically what are the chances that the daughters (now 33 and 29) did any songwriting with Brown when they were infants and pre-teens. The linked article above says Brown is willing to settle with his daughters...if they sign over all copyrights to him. They say no go.

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    Tuesday, September 17, 2002

  • Some Directors Said to Seek Ouster at AOL
    The sharks are now circling around Steve Case, chairman of AOL Time Warner, but he is putting up a fight says the article linked above. Under the terms of the AOL/time Warner, a vote of three-quarters of the board is required to unseat him as chairman, so he needs only 3 allies on the 14-member board to withstand a challenge. The board meets this Thursday, though he is expected to survive. Shareholders will have their chance to vote on his position at the company's annual meeting in the spring.

  • Rights Issue Rocks The Music World
    Very nicely done piece in USA Today about the issues and players involved in the current artist's rights movement. If you are new to these issues, this is a very good primer as to what's going on.

  • Courtney Love Doing 24-Hour MTV2 Gig
    If you've got MTV2 and wanna see a day long train-wreck, you might wanna start watching at 8 p.m. on Saturday. That's when Courney Love gets 24 hours to play what she wants and act the fool on camera. "Love won't even need to stay awake the entire 24 hours; an MTV spokesman says when she sleeps, the network will probably show snippets of her dozing."

  • City Unveils Redding Statue
    Soul legend Otis Redding will forever be "Sitting On The Dock of the Bay" after a 7 ft. bronze statue of him sitting on a dock and playing guitar was unveiled in Macon, Ga. on Sunday. The statue is located at Gateway Park, the trailhead for the new Ocmulgee Heritage Greenway. Stop by when you're in the neighborhood, ya hear?

  • Roxette Singer Has Brain Tumor
    44-year-old Marie Fredriksson of the Swedish pop duo Roxette ("The Look," "It Must Have Been Love") has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It isn't clear right now how serious it is or what her treatment will be. There were plans to launch a new single and European tour in October, but those plans are unclear right now. wishes all the best to Fredriksson and her loved ones.

  • Foxy Brown, Cam'ron, N.O.R.E. Planning 'Survival Of The Illest 2 Tour'
    Sounds good, but it kinda seems like a tour in dire need of a headliner. Compare: this was the line-up for the first Survival of the Illest Tour: DMX, Def Squad (Erick Sermon, Redman, Keith Murray), Onyx, and Cormega, with ocassional guest appearances from Method Man, The Lox, and Foxy Brown . They're gonna have to draft a DefJam related heavyweight to pull in the crowds-- Ja Rule, Jay-Z or even DMX-- even if his last album didn't sell that well.

  • Prince Tour Produces Live Box Set
    A 3 CD live set from Prince? Where do I sign up? Oh yeah-- I alread did at The NPG Music Club You should too! Anyway, the set is drawn from his jazzy "One Nite Alone" tour from earleir this year. It was a pretty good show that I'll be happy to have memorialized on CD. What he really needs to do, though, is oficially release some of the older live stuff that has been bootlegged for years now. I have some stuff from the 1999 and Dirty Mind tours that are off-the-hook.

  • 'Sanford & Son' Aunt Esther Dies
    LaWanda Page, most popularly known as Aunt Esther on Sanford & Son but a reaffly freakin' funny comic in her own right, from complications of diabetes on Saturday. She was 81. R.I.P.

  • Suddenly No Longer Top Dog, Snoop Dogg Reinvents Himself
    How shocking is it that Snoop Dogg has given up smoking marijuana? Even The Wall Street Journal is covering it!

  • Trent Reznor's Pretty Hate Machines
    If you're one of those music snobs who thinks music made with the assistance of computers, samplers and the like isn't "real," you need to read the above linked Salon article about Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and the processess he's gone through to make his albums. It's a very interesting read.

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    Monday, September 16, 2002

    posted by Randy on 11:41 AM | permanent link to this entry

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