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    Friday, March 07, 2003

    posted by Randy on 12:51 PM | permanent link to this entry

    Thursday, March 06, 2003

    • Atlanta Denies Event Permit to Urban Hip Hop Festival
      The city of Atlanta has denied the Urban Hip Hop Festival a permit to put on the event due to "serious deficiencies" in the application that " that render it incomplete for the purposes of review."

      What was missing? "The applicant failed to provide the names of the persons or organizations sponsoring the festival, together with the addresses and telephone numbers of all such persons or organizations; failed to provide the specific location within the city where the festival is to be held; failed to give the number of people estimated to attend the event; failed to provide a site plan showing the layout of the festival area, the festival production area in detail or specifying the boundaries of the overall festival assembly area; failed to say whether any street closings are requested; failed to say whether any beer, wine or alcoholic beverages are expected to be sold ; failed to provide a specific plan for internal security for the festival, specifying the number of off-duty police officers and private security guards it plans to hire, what arrangements the applicant has made for hiring them and details of the plan for payment; and failed to furnish a fully paid public liability damage insurance policy procured from a company licensed to do business in Georgia." Just a small over sight, I'm sure.

    • Ras Kass To Priority And Police: 'Catch Me If You Can'
      Underground rapper Ras Kass did not appear for sentencing in January for a third DUI conviction and as a result faces sentencing to the California state mandatory nine months of time. He's currently on the run, and has tied his flight from the law and his efforts to extract himself from a Priority Records contract. This is the deal he wants: he'll turn himself in and give Priority Records the only copy of his new album as long as the label agrees to drop him. In these tough times in the music industry, I don't see how that could be seen as a bad deal for Priority.

    • Limp Bizkit Land Jay-Z
      Limp Bizkit's upcoming album Bipolar, will feature Jay-Z on a track called "Rebels.' No comment from me-- I'll have to hear the track first.

    • Sony Music Plans Layoffs
      Close to 1,000 folks will get the axe as Sony Music tries to stay afloat in the topsy-turvy music industry.

    • End to PNC Bank Arts Center Tickets Suit Sought
      Clear Channel Entertainment asked a New Jersey judge yesterday to dismiss the state's lawsuit against it for giving American Expresscardholders a crack at tickets for concerts last summer before they were sold to the general public. The state lis arguing that New Jersey law is clear that more than 5 percent of the tickets to shows cannot be withheld from the general public, while up to 50 percent of the tickets to shows at the PNC Arts Center could have been gone by the time the public had a shot at them. The law came as a result of a crack down on scalpers, not pre-sales-- which is why Clear Channel thinks the suit should be thown out.

    • Knopfler Plans Tour, Duets Album
      Former Dire Straits frontman/guitarist Mark Knopfler has lined up a 30-date North American tour in support of his third solo album The Ragpicker's Dream The tour starts June 26 in Portsmouth, Va., and wraps July 31 in Vancouver. More impotantly than all that, he's been recording a duets album with llegendary Americana singer-songwriter Emmylou Harris. No release date set for that, though.

    • GBV Causes An 'Earthquake'
      Earthquake Glue, a new album from indie power-poppers ">Guided By Voices will hit stores on Aug. 19. If you can't wait that long, click here to pre-order Mist King Urth by Lifeguards, which features GBV frontman Robert Pollard and GBV guitarist Doug Gillard. It comes out on March 25.

    • Gangstarr Offers Sneak Preview of New Album
      Get yourself over to GangStarr online and peep "Skillz" and lengthy clips of "Deadly Habits", "Nice Girl Wrong Place", "Rite Where You Stand", and "Sabotage" from their forthcoming album The Ownerz. The tracks are, as they say, hot to death. The Ownerz is due in stores on May 6. Pick up Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr if the words "awesome" and "Gang Starr" don't relatively appear together in your vocabulary.

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    Wednesday, March 05, 2003

    posted by Randy on 12:53 PM | permanent link to this entry

    Tuesday, March 04, 2003

    posted by Randy on 1:12 PM | permanent link to this entry

    Monday, March 03, 2003

    • Singer-Songwriter Hank Ballard Dies
      A big R.I.P. and maximum respect paid to a true pioneer from all of us at For you youngstas who don't know, here's why you need to give props to the late, great Hank Ballard:

      1) He wrote "The Twist," which was covered by Chubby Checker. "The Twist" was the first American rock/pop dance done by yourself (i.e. not in tandum with a partner that you were touching) and cleared the way for dances ranging from The Watsusi and The Mashed Potato all the way up to The Running Man, The Cabbage Patch and the "So Fresh, So Clean." (is there a name for that dance?)

      2) His "Work With Me Annie" was one of the first songs to be banned by radio for lewdness, which led the way for many a more explicit artist to do battle with the FCC further down the road.

      3) "Work With Me Annie" was the first song to generate response songs-- most famously Etta James' "Roll With Me Henry" but also "Annie Had a Baby" and "Annie's Aunt Fannie." This series of songs laid the groundwork for everything from hip-hop battle response songs to pop gender war response songs ("No Scrubs" vs. "No Pigeons," for example).

    • Clash Nixes Plans for Rock Hall Reunion
      Thank goodness.

    • Michael Records War Protest Song
      After grousing about a possible boy-band Band-Aid 2, George Michael has put his money where his whine is and recorded a cover of Don McLean 's "The Grave". It is set to be broadcast in Europe really soon, but dollars to donuts says we never hear it in the U.S. (except for you crafty file traders).

    • And They Said He Couldn't Run a Major Record Label (NYTimes registaration required)
      L.A. Reid, head of Arista Records gets a puff piece in The New York Times. There's nothing in there that isn't true, but it reads a lot like someting from In Style, not the paper of record. To get a more even-handed story, read the above linked profile and then peep this Fox News bit about what is missing from the New York Times story.

    • E-Music Sites Settle on Prices. It's a Start. (NYTimes registaration required)
      Very interesting NY Times article about how the legitimate online music services are arriving at their pricing structures.

    • Reaching Out to the Multitasking Modern Teenager (NYTimes registaration required)
      A kind of interesting article about how MTV-competitior MuchMusicUSA is harnessing the inbred multi-tasking of the net generation to produce shows that incorporate the Internet-- from requesting videos to selecting VJs. Unlime most of what MTV does with their web site, a lotof what happens on MuchMusic's site effects what happens on the air.

    • AOL Takes 'Sessions' To MuchMusic USA
      Speaking of MMUSA, they've signed a deal with AOL to move the popular broadband online music program "Sessions@AOL" from computers to televisions. Check your local listings (or the story linked above) for broadcast times.

    • Britpop Boom and Bust Laid Bare
      Fellow music geeks, be on the look-out for "Live Forever," a documentary about Brit-pop from the days of The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses through the end of the Blur vs. Oasis wars. It debuted it London today and gets wider U.K. release on March 21. The above linked article has details about what's in the documentary. Looks good to me, can't wait to see it.

      Here's the "Live Forever" website, which has more info and trailers. The soundtrack kicks ass too, but you gotta get it as an import.

    • Happy 20th Birthday to the CD
      The BBC offers up a pretty interesting look at the effects of March 1, 1983-- the date the CD was introduced in the U.K.

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