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    Friday, July 25, 2003

    By the way, I'm taking Monday off. Sorry that I forgot to mention that earlier. Here's a little something to keep you entertained:

    The image will be updatied 4 times a day throughout the weekend, and every half hour on Monday. On Tuesday, I shall return with all the music news you can handle.

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    • The Subpoena Defense Alliance
      So, you've been subpoenaed by a private third party seeking to enforce their copyrights on the Internet? Before you hand over thousands of dollars to the corrupt music industry, be sure to check the above link from the good people at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They offer a list of attorneys who may be interested in taking on your case and some advice on what you can do.

    • RIAA, Colleges Seek Piracy Fix
      The R.I.A.A. and a group of universities are working together to come up with a solution that offers students access to downloadable music in a legal way. For example, perhaps subscription fees to get all access to a legal downloading service like Rhapsody or iTunes could be included in a student's housing fees.

    • Comcast studies Vivendi entertainment bid
      Cable gaint Comcast is now kicking the tires of Vivendi Universal's entertainenment assets (excluding music). If they end up the buyers, it would create an entertainment prodution/distribution giant to compete with News Corp. and AOL Time Warner.

    • Fresh Air On The Effects of Media Consolidation In The Radio Business
      If you have some time, be sure to listen to this program. It features an interview with Eric Boehlert of Salon staing that radiop giant Clear Channel is the Evil Empire and CC CEO John Hogan saying they ain't.

    • Antitrust Chief: Clear Channel Probe Ongoing
      Just in case you think they're too busy viloating your rights under the Patriot Act, The U.S. Dept. of Justice would like you to know they are still pursuing two separate antitrust investigations in response to complaints against Clear Channel.

    • Son of Napster
      Robert X. Cringely from PBS proposes is a publicly trade company that buys one of every recording in existence and then sells shares of the company as membership into a new download service. It's a bit more complicated thatn that, so be sure to read the whole thing to get a grasp on it. It's an interesting idea that will never happen, but I salute him for trying.

    • Black Talks "Tears," Pixies
      So, first things first. The Pixes reunion is still in the maybe-but-most-likely-not stage. Frank Black & The Catholics' Show Me Your Tears is due out Sept. 9. It was recorded live to two track, just like Devil's Workshop and Black Letter Days. Pre-order Show Me Your Tears clicking here

    • Strummer Strolls Down One Last 'Street'
      Joe Strummer's fiinal solo album, Streetcore, is due in stores on Oct. 7. It will feature a cover of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" that was produced by Rick Rubin.

    • Ozzy's tour manager found dead
      The only reason I include this is because it happend at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan. My hometown! What else has happened at the Townsend Hotel? In "Madonna: Truth Or Dare," Madonna eats a room service dinner there and is served by my Brian Schickedanz, my high school class president for three years out of four years. Anyway, R.I.P to Bobby Thomson from all of us here at He had battled throat cancer for the past 18 months and died in his sleep.

    • Prince Wants His Music Back ... Now
      An unauthorized "Sign O' The Times" DVD from Brazil that apparently was distributed by WEA International has pushed Prince over the edge of sanity. In an e-mail to npgmusicclub members, he's asked them to send him any unauthorized material bearing a Warner Bros. logo and supplied a list of the material he's after. Mainly it's import stuff from Back 2 Back, 2-on-1 and BackTrax but also the dual Dirty Mind/Controversy tape that I wore down to the nub many moons ago. Is is paying folks for them? of course not. If you have any of this stuff and want to help Prince out in court with no financial reward, send it in to:

      The Ways of the Pharoah
      PO Box 169
      Vermilion, OH 44089-0169

      And yes, I got the e-mail. If you wanna see the full list of stuff, let me know and I'll send it to you. It is too long a list to post here.

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    Thursday, July 24, 2003

    So, yeah, about that banner up there-- Don't worry, I ain't gonna make this a big ol' political blog now. There are plenty of those. Nor is this gonna be a Dean-centric blog. There are plenty of those as well, not to mention the official Dean Blog. Dean is my candidate and I'm putting that banner up there to show my support and encourage the legions of Blog readers to check him out.

    Between that and the Google Ads I'm running on this page, the look of this page has become a little busier. If you find it really annoying, please let me know and I'll see what I can do about it.

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    Wednesday, July 23, 2003

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    Tuesday, July 22, 2003

    Today's Releases Of Note:

    Next Week's Release Of Note (Get Your Pre-Order On)

    And Now For The News:

    • Pop icon Michael Jackson comes out against locking up music pirates
      He's speaking out against The Authors, Consumer and Computer Owner Protection and Security Act that that makes illegal downloading of copyrighted materials a felony offence. Of course, and I'm not kidding here, he's most worried about children being caught up in the R.I.A.A. dragnet, *Sigh*. Still, it is good to see someone in the industry trying to be reasonable about this.

    • Tennessee Studio to Become U.S. Landmark
      The Associated Press' headline writers crack me up sometimes. Would you not draw more eyes to the story by saying "Sun Studios to Become U.S. Landmark?" It's the first U.S. recording studio to become a landmark. Celebrate the studio's legacy by picking up the Sun Records: 50th Anniversary Box Set, won't you?

    • Lawsuit: Pirated Audio Sold to Inmates
      Computers that were supposed to be used for inamtes to learn about technology were also apparently being used to duplicate CDs that were then sold for three bucks to inmates and visitors. Interestingly enough, the lawsuit comes from a small label and inculdes the majors as a courtsey, since they were getting ripped off too.

    • MIT, BC Move to Quash Music Co. Subpoenas
      On procedural grounds. 1) Under The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act they must notify students before they release personal information, such as names and addresses and 2) The subpoenas were filed in Washington, not in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts as requited by law.

    • New Music Download Service Launches offers tracks and albums in the Windows Media Format at reasonable prices but with all the usual suck-ass rules for leagal-downloading-of-music-on-PCs (limited burns and transfers, etc.). 70-99 cents per song, 10 and up per album. Little indie representation. Keep trying, guys.

    • Folds Plans Three Online EPs
      Speed Graphic, the first of three EPs due from Ben Folds this year, is now available to order at his website. The second EP, Sunny 16, will be ready in September, and the third, as yet untitled set is scheduled for November. Speed Graphic features a cover of The Cure's "In Between Days."

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    Monday, July 21, 2003

    • Exploding Hearts Lose Three Members in Crash
      Three members of Portland, Ore- based pop-punk band The Exploding Hearts died Sunday morning when their van flipped over near Eugene, Oregon. They were reuring from some concert dates in the Bay Area. R.I.P. Matthew "Matt Lock" Fitzgerald, Adam "Baby" Cox, and Jeremy "Kid Killer" Gage from all of us here at Pay your respects and pick up The Exploding Hearts' Guitar Romantic by clicking here.

    • Singer Brandon Cruz Leaves Dead Kennedys
      Former star of "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" can now add "former Dead Kennedys singer" to his resume'. He's being replaced by Jeff Penalty, who's never been a TV star but used to be in punk groups Vaz Hoil and Stupid Ferrets.

    • From a Store With 300,000 Titles, a Big Music Lesson (New York Times free registration required)
      The paper of record is pretty late to this story, but it does once again confirm that Amoeba Recordsis the greatest record store in the world. It also makes an interesting point: thanks to the Internet and the 500 channel universe, customers are more familair with a variety of genres now, so stocking 300,00 titles at reasonable prices is now a key to success (as opposed to an all hits only record store selling stuff at a premium).

    • What Albums Join Together, Everyone Tears Asunder
      An now an even older story the New York Times is just getting around to covering-- artists want to sell albums, fans just want the tracks they like most.

    • The Copyright Case
      Jonathan Zittrain an Assistant Professor for Entrepreneurial Legal Studies at Harvard Law School and a director of its Berkman Center for Internet & Society, breaks down why current copyright law is a menace to society. It's nice work, be sure to check it out.

    • The FCC Under Fire
      FCC chairman Michael Powell is said to be on the look-out for a new gig following the bi-partisan negative reaction to the FCC's new media ownership rules. I wouldn't really expect him to be replaced by someone who had differing views, though.

    • Web Music Leaks Spur Studio Clampdown
      Interesting article about how far recording studios are going to pump up security in this day and age of pre-release album and tracks ending up on P2P file trading networks.

    • ReplayTV's New Owners Drop Features That Riled Hollywood
      If I had an audio file of a chicken going "bawk bawk bawk" I would link it to this story. And from the looks of it, more and more tech companies are lining up to kiss Hollywood's ass.

    • A punk success story Lookout Records marks 15 years in East Bay
      Happy Birthday, kids! Thanks so much for introducing us to Green Day, The Donnas, Operation Ivy, Groovie Ghoulies, The Mr. T Experience, Pansy Division, The Hi-Fives, The Queers and so many more! All of us here at raise our glasses to you!

    • Keith Murray Declares His Independence After Being Dropped By Def Jam
      The days where an artist can manhandle (or at least physically imtimidate) a label employee are over, at least on the majors. Thus, Keith Murray is going independent after being dropped by DefJam. He's Keith Murray, which came out on July 15, will be his last DefJam album. The whole artilce has some interestinginsigt, but this quote is the one that stuck out:

      ""I don't wanna go to a major label," he explained of his next business move. "I don't wanna sit there and work my brain and contribute my intellectual property to somebody that's gonna get an 86 percent [profit] in sales, give me an advance, give me a recording budget, and make me pay for my own travel to promote my work for them to get paid. At this point in the game I'm not trying to compete with those that want fame or the glitter. I want the money. It's all about me reaping benefits from my intellectual property."

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