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    Friday, November 14, 2003

    Okay, first things first. I have something to say to you youngstas out there who saw the new Target commercial that incorporates Lene Lovich 's "New Toy" and didn't understand the signifigance.

    Back in the day (very late 1970s, very early 1980s), Lovich was an early new wave curiosity who had a few big hits in England but was just too weird for all but the most adventurous of American college radio stations (and therefore too weird for the mainstream American market period). And now, 20-some years later, one of her better known songs (among a certain crowd) is being used in a commercial for a huge, family friendly retailer. Okay, so Iggy Pop has been shilling for sea cruises for years now-- but I've gotta say my jaw just dropped on this one.

    This continues Target's weird appropriation for anti-consumer songs, which started withDevo's "Beautiful World" (where they conviently left out the "It's a beautiful world/for you/not me."). Peep some of the lyrics of "New Toy":

    "Did I ask you for your love?
    Did I ask you for your dedication?
    I don't want, I don't want your love.
    I don't want, I don't want your affection!
    But I've got to have the car
    I need it for the weekend.
    I've got to have the stereo,
    And a couple of deletions
    I've got to have the freezer
    Put some fun back in my eating
    I've got to have it all until I'm complete!

    I want a New Toy (oh ay oh), to keep my head expanding (ta).
    I want a New Toy (oh ay oh), nothing too demanding (ta).
    Then when everything is in roses everything is static (ta)
    Yeahh my New Toy (oh ay oh), you'll find us in the attic."

    But more power to her-- and to Thomas Dolby, who wrote the song and gets a few shiny pennies each time it's played unless he sold his publishing rights to someone along the line.

    Anyway, on to the news...

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    Thursday, November 13, 2003

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    Wednesday, November 12, 2003

    This Week's New Releases Of Note:

    Get Your Pre-Order On (Next Week's New Releases Of Note):

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    Tuesday, November 11, 2003

    • Court Backs Beasties In Copyright Suit Appeal
      A super-rare victory in court for those who make music by sampling. Kudos to the Beastie Boys for sticking to their guns instead of just folding like a cheap card table.

    • Invention of the Year: iTunes Music Store
      Written by the same guy who wrote the over-blown Time cover story about the new flat-screen iMacs, so take it with a grain of salt. The most telling part:

      "Jobs has one more reason not to be concerned about the competition. "The dirty little secret of all this is there's no way to make money on these stores," he says. For every 99¢ Apple gets from your credit card, 65¢ goes straight to the music label. Another quarter or so gets eaten up by distribution costs. At most, Jobs is left with a dime per track, so even $500 million in annual sales would add up to a paltry $50 million profit. Why even bother? "Because we're selling iPods," Jobs says, grinning."

      Just a note to any future recording artists who might be out there reading this: if you run your own shit, that sixty-five cents a track could be all yours (provided you're writing your own songs). Sign up with an increasingly irrelevant major label and you're lucky to get any of it.

    • Kid Rock And Sheryl Crow Planning Joint Recording Project
      As Mr. T might say, it is just in the jibber-jabber stages right now. They did record a duet version of Bad Company's "Feel Like Making Love" for Kid Rock's just released album, but it didn't make the cut. She does, however, join him for ""Run Off To L.A."

    • Don't Try To Take Him To A Disco (Salon subscription or day pass required)
      Interesting Salon review of Bob Seger's Greatest Hits Vol. 2. I don't fully agree with everything in the article (for example, the assertion that Greatest Hits Vol. 1 covered everything the average fan needs-- "Rock n' roll Never Forgets." "Katmandu," "Tryin' to Live My Life Without You," "Beautiful Loser" and "Her Strut" are Seger Essentials [trademark Blog, motherfukkas!!] that were not on the first collection while this one still omits "Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight," "Even Now," "Makin' Thunderbirds" and "Ramblin Gamblin' Man"), but it still is good to see my old-school Michigan homey Bob Segar get some love in the national press.

      Here's a pretty interesting interview with Segar from the Detroit Free Press where he reflects on his music career and why he has (basically) retired from the biz.

    • Jane's Addiction, Marilyn Manson To Ring In New Year With Joint Tour
      Sounds interesting--- if it happened, like, five years ago.

    • Crystal Method Ask Wes Borland, Rahzel To Join Legion Of Boom
      Due Jan 13, 2004, Legion of Boom will also feature work from Lisa Kekaula of The BellRays.

    • Auf der Maur Gets Heavy
      My future ex-wife Melissa auf der Maur will (allegedly) finally release her solo deubt in February. Unless, of course, it needs some more refining.

    • Free Music Lessons Over The Internet
      From the alumni and faculty of the Berklee College of Music, none-the-less! Text, MP3s and QuickTime movies. Flat out cool. (found via

    • What’s Your Worst Memory of Playing with Yo La Tengo?
      Even if you don't know any of the bands quoted (up to and including Yo La Tengo), it still is a funny read. Horror stories from the road: always funny. Lots of gems, but this was my fave:

      Matt & Bubba Kadane, Bedhead :
      It would have to be the time in Seattle, when, much to everybody's surprise, our tour manager Josh showed up just before sound check, fresh from the barbershop, where he had traded in his "Grizzly Adams" beard & hairstyle for a rather questionable buzz flat top, complete with a handlebar mustache, a la The Village People. We wouldn't have recognized him at all, had it not been of the distinguishable garb he'd been wearing on the road, and since we had to be associated with him and his new look for the rest of the tour, we wished we hadn't recognized him. Anyway, the look kind of symbolized the tour from that date on: fucked.

      Found via

    General Stuff On My Musical Mind:
    - I saw Flavor Flav starring in the new Taking Back Sunday video for "You're So Last Summer." The song is basic emo-screaming stuff, but seeing Flavor lip synch it and do the old-school Flavor Flav dance (not The New Flavor Flav Dance introduced in the "911 Is A Joke" video) is awesome. Click here for a page where you can to see the video

    -The video for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Maps" (click here) is quietly effective-- much like the song. When I first heard the song I pictured the video as such: Two hipsters seperated at a two different ends of a crowded concert push through the crowd to try to find each other and are reunited at the end. The images of their journey are intercut with slow-mo concert footage and shots of fans reaching toward the stage to try and touch Karen O. I still like my version, but I also like what they came up with.

    -Two Bay Area artists who I bought CDs from off the streets (Can''t knock the hustle, yo. If you're a local yokel selling stuff out your trunk/backback/milkcrate for five bucks I'll always give you a chance.):

    J. Dandridge is in desperate need better production, but he has some lyrical skills. Reading his bio on his web site made me think I'd like to hear some lyrics basd on his struggle rather than the realitively stereotypical party lyrics he kicked on the CD I copped. i don't have the CD right with me to refer to, but I remember when I listened to it that I was impressed enough with his lyrical delivery that I thought he'd be a contender if he could get some good production behind him.

    Jawz is a wild-MC in the tradition of Tech N9ne, early Eminem, Sticky Fingaz and, uh, Skee-Lo (who isn't wild, but does have a voice like Jawz). Raw Kutz, the four song CD I bought, had two sort of gritty numbers and two fun/party songs. For me, "Real Girl" was the highlight (which was one of the fun songs), though "Raw Dad Is In The House" came close second for not only jacking the Average White Band's "Pick Up The Pieces" but for jacking a crappy sounding MP3 to make the loop with.

    All titles are aproximate, as Raw Kutz didn't come with a track listing. Write to Jawz at rawdad23 at yahoo dot com and see if he can hook up up.

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    Monday, November 10, 2003

    • Slick Rick Released From Jail
      The Ruler's Back! Judge Kimba Wood(of Nanny-gate fame, remember?) ruled the Board of Immigration Appeals should never have reversed its earlier decision that Slick Rick could stay in the United States despite a criminal conviction.

      That creepy kid who played "Dueling Banjos" in "Deliverence?" He's a cook and a dishwasher in Dillard, Alabama. He also has a bit part in the up-coming Tim Burton flick "Big Fish." The above linked article is well worth reading and is pretty short-- the perfect combo!

    • Rhapsody in Broadband Deal, MusicNow Taps Best Buy
      Comcast has launched a branded downlaod store powered by Rhapsody, while Best Buy is going with MusicNow. This space is getting a bit crowded, me thinks.

    • Betting on a Chancy Thing, an Adult's Music Magazine (N.Y. Times free registration required)
      I was kind of hoping that Tracks was going to be a music magazine that took an adult look at pop music-- which it is, but first cover-boy Sting doesn't bode well for the future (at least in my book).

    • Linkin Park, P.O.D. Teaming For Tour
      Hitting arenas in early 2004.

    • Distributing Music Over Telephone Lines
      Rememer learning in history class that the telephone was originally thought of as a device to hear music over and that the record was originally thought of as something to record audio letters on to send to people? The above linked article is from a 1909 issue of Telephony magazine. It decribes the only Tele-music site that was ever put into operation. Well worth reading-- especially for folks like me who are both music and history geeks.

    • All That R.E.M. Can't Leave Behind (N.Y. Times free registration required)
      Pretty decent state-of-the-band interview, but nothing earth shattering. The most interesting part for me: R.E.M. was pretty content to just preach to the choir for the rest of their career but the success of U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind gave them a little kick in the ass to get creative again.

    • How Safe Is Your Neighborhood Nightclub?
      News Flash: not very. This particular article is San Francisco specific, but it could easily be set in any other city with bars and clubs.

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